My trial with Keto Boost (Lipase & K2)

I absolutely love my Pruvit Ketones and I will not stop taking them. They give me more energy, they help with my food cravings, they help with my brain fog, and my fat loss. The only problem that I have had with these ketones is GI Upset. And it was bad. Beginners on these ketones usually start with 1/2 or 1 tablespoon once a day or twice a day. Then we work our way up to 1 charged or caffeinated pack in the morning and then an uncharged or no caffeine pack around 5 to 7 pm. Well, I was never able to get that far without some annoying side effects. What I did is cut back on my ketones which made me sad. I went back to 1/2 packet in the morning and 1/2 packet in the late afternoon. This helped but I still felt like I wanted to fix this issue.

Pruvit has a boatload of doctors behind their products and these doctors provide informational videos and advice about using Pruvit products. One of the recommendations for this problem was to incorporate lipase and k2 supplements. Well that is what I did! It worked! A little too well I guess you could say because then I had constipation. I know TMI!

Products Trialed- Lipase and K2



Day 1- I took my Keto Boost and K2 around 5pm and took 1/2 pack of ketones. No GI upset at all. Did it work that quick or was that a fluke?

Day 2- I woke up and took my Keto Boost and K2 about 9am. I took a whole packet of my favorite flavor of ketones, Heart Tart. No GI upset all day. Oh my goodness, it worked!

Day 3- I woke up and took my Keto Boost and K2, which are now new supplements in my daily regime. I must say though, that I might switch these to either an alternating schedule or every other day for both. I think that you have to go with what your body is telling you.

I give these products 2 thumbs up! They worked! Our Pruvit Doctors know what they are doing and I love watching their videos because I am always learning more about the keto lifestyle, ketones, and really the body as a whole.

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