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Trial Pack

The Trial packs or 10 Day experiences are a great way to get started if you are looking to try a sample of the different flavors! I package and ship these special packages out to you from my home created just for you! I can make modifications to flavors or if you would like decaf simply add a note in the order!

Email me to pick your flavor assortment

Challenge Pack

The Drink Ketones Challenge is a great way to start if you are looking for a package that includes a variety of 20 NAT ketones in both caffeinated and decaffeinated! This package is $30 off by clicking here: msshannonRN.challenge.com & It is recommended that you add a Keto Reboot to this kit for a bundled discount saving an additional $10, making the total saves $55 for both kits! (you can stretch this kit into 20 days by having 1 ketone pack each day which most beginners usually start with!)

Keto 60 Hour Reboot

Or you can get a 60 Hour Keto Reboot Kit on its own by clicking here!  (if it’s available).

What comes with the 60 Hour Metabolic Reboot System

Shop All Pruvit Products

Another option is to grab a single flavor full box of ketones  CLICK HERE to shop all of these products!  My favorite products are Keto//UP, Keto OS//NAT, and MitoPlex (Super Electrolytes)! These are not included in the options above except for the sample packs!

Sometimes specialty flavors POP up or POP up Sales hit! Check my Pruvit website often for updates and new flavors or products!

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Ketone Talk

Tru Passion – Limited


  • Start with ½ a packet at first to ease your stomach into the ketones.
    • ½ a packet measures out to 1 tablespoon.
  • Take ½ a packet of charged in the morning upon waking
  • Take ½ a packet of caffeine free in the evenings
    • I personally drink my caffeine free 1-2 hours after my last meal or 30 minutes before bed

* It is possible to experience some GI discomfort. If this happens, cut down to a ¼ of a packet at a time and ease your way back into ½ servings once your body as better adjusted. *


  • Your water and electrolyte intake are crucial.
  • Consume 100 ounces or ½ of your body weight daily in electrolyte water at a minimum.
    • I personally drink at least a gallon of water a day with an added packet of mito//plex.
  • Adding pink salt to your foods is always a great way to replenish your electrolytes further.


  • Do not weight daily or rely on the scale for results – weight and body composition are different
  • Focus on the non-scale victories as much as you would a decrease on the scale.


  • Many studies show the powerful effects on your body and brain if intermittent fasting is implemented into your daily routine.
  • Your body initiates autophagy after 14 hours, daily fasting is recommended for 16-18 hours daily, 24 hours once a week, and doing a keto reboot (60 hours) once a month.
    • I personally fast from 8PM-12PM daily and have my ketones in the morning upon waking, ketones do not break a fast.


  • Signing up for monthly smart ship will get you a 22% discount on your order
    • No fee to cancel at any time.
    • FREE box your 4th month it’s active and every 3 months after that.
    • Change your products at any time.
    • Exclusive access to certain sales available for smart ship customers only.
  • Customer Referral Program
    • Grab two of your friends, get them signed up for smart ship, and get your ketones for FREE.


Since you purchased the 10-Day challenge box, you now have access to an 8-week coaching website, Pruvit has partnered with coaches Torrie and Dolvett.


What’s included?

  • Food guide       
  • Muvment guide
  • Brain guide
  • Progress guide
  • Product guide
  • Training modules
  • Live coaching calls with Torrie and Dolvett

You have the access and available to track your every move during your journey to better!